Secretary's Message

I am extremely happy to pen a few lines in the Annual Report being published on the occasion of the "Silver Jubilee Year" of the Muslim Cooperative Bank Golden Jubilee Education Trust.

Technical education in the India contributes a mar share to the overall education system and plays a vital role in the social and economic development of the nation. The Golden Jubilee Education Trust was established under the aegis of the Muslim Cooperative Bank

Ltd. To address the needs of the community as far as ignorance and negligence in education alongwith the financial inability to proceed for higher and better education was concerned. Keeping in mind the requirements of times, the Trust took the initiative to start technical courses in various trades and computer education for the progress and development of the backward classes of the community.

Today, I feel extremely proud to say that in the span of 25 years, the Trust from a humble beginning in a rented basement of Azam Trust's Parvaz building has progressed to its own, four storeyed building at Bhawani Peth. It is self sustained and growing through resources generated from its own courses. More than 5,500 students, irrespective of the caste and creed, from all over Maharashtra have been trained at the Technical Institute of the Trust and are well settled in jobs, self employed and leading businessmen and leading successful and quality lives; thereby confirming our belief in the vocational and technical skills! It also includes that our students have used all the facilities provided to optimum advantage. At the same time, all must understand that, in this age of globalization, they have to excel at all levels to survive the competition. Technical education not only solves the problem of unemployment but also trains the students in commercial, scientific and industrial trades according to their interest. Along with this, they must pursue higher education while gaining independence through part- time jobs i.e. they should earn and learn together if they wish to grab the wonderful opportunity available to them at national and international levels!

In addition to above our Trust has conceived and successfully implemented a) Merit coaching classes for Pune City S.S.C. Students from 1984 till today. B) Driving School for boys & girls and poor and needy students and c) Boys Hostel for 250 students

I take this opportunity to thank each and every individual, past and present members and well-wishers, who were involved with the development and progress of the Trust. Without their committed support and sustained efforts we could not have achieved so much. I also convey my best wishes to our students in their future activities. I am grateful to the Almighty for making us the instrument in this noble field f education and pray that He gives us golden years to accomplish all our future endeavors for the progress of the society in general and the community in particular. Ameen!

With best wishes.

Mr. Shaikh Wahid K. Biyabani
Hon. Secretary