Principal's Message

I feel very proud & happy to convey my message from the desk of Principal of Golden Jubilee Technical Institute. It is my great pleasure that I have seen the different stages of progress of Institute & Trust from time to time.

First of all I would like to give the flash back regarding the Institute. Our Institute is run by MCB. Golden Jubilee Education Trust. As per name of Trust it was established/ formed on Golden Jubilee of Muslim Bank in1982. After having sound economic position

with deposit funds from Muslim Co-Operative Bank the trust does not take part in any ability during this period. In 1988 Mr. P.A.Inamdar and other colleagues entered the trust and started next activities. In guidance of late former Principal & founder of Golden Jubilee Technical Institute; Mr.M.I.Kazi sir,The trust approached to Dist. Vocational Education &Training Dept,Pune for permission to start short term tech. courses. And got approval to start 3 trades :

  1. Two wheeler Auto Mechanic (one year duration)
  2. Elect.Wireman (six month duration)
  3. Motor &Armature Winding (six month duration)

The object of starting the institute is to provide the facility of vocational education in minimum fees, so that poor families from our community, the shareholder dependents should take more & more benefit of the same. Also there are many students who may not be good academically, but have high proficiency to excel in vocational work. the objective of inst. was to recognize these skills & enhance them in a practical manner. A very big class of our community remains deserted from further education after s.s.c. due to weak economic background. It was very important to engage this drop out class in some activity so that they could get some technique to start their own earnings & get self employed in short period. At the same time this course should be authentic i.e. govt. recognized. To fulfill all these needs Institute started training in above trades.

In 1988 ,it was a period, there was a big demand for technicians and unskilled workers in industries. Institute applied all the ways to attract the above drop-out class towards tech. education. After big struggle, the courses reached to common people. The inst. was running with 3 trades from 1988 to 1993 in principal ship of M. I. Kazi sir in the rented premise of Parvaz of Azam Trust. Continuous efforts of staff ,exact practical oriented training as per need of market made the inst popular in Pune city ,around the city & District also.

In 1993 ,as a need of revolution, the management appointed myself, Ahmed Husain Shaikh, on the post of Principal of Inst .It was a great pleasure & proud for me, but at the same time challenge also. Indeed, I accept the same and totally submit myself for the progress of the inst .I decided to change the training system & to start additional social ,cultural, religious activities with the existing syllabus. In addition to the present trades Inst. applied for the most desired (six month duration) trade of Air Cond. & Rfg. to DVET, Pune. In 1995 we got the permission to start this course. At the same time we got approval for 2nd div. of EW,MAW & TWAM trades .Now the intake of inst. reached to 175 from previous 75.

With the grace of Allah, good understanding with higher authorities of trust, proper communication with concern govt. department of DVET, Pune and team work of devoted staff, well equipped infrastructure Inst. acquired progress in all respects in the field of tech. education. In addition to tech trades Inst. got approval for six month duration computer trade of Computer operation with MS. Office ; from District Vocational Education Training, Mumbai in 1997.Another trade of Welder cum Fabricator one year duration, the most desired trade in industry was also introduced in 1997.The inst. run with full fledge with 5 tech. trades and one comp. trade. Two shifts adopted for 4 tech. trades.

In 1998-99 ,To fulfill the market demand related to comp. field Inst. added another two trades of six month duration : 1) Desktop Publication 2) Comp. Accounting & Office Automation. In this period of globalization our trainees after completion of course were immediately absorbed by small organizations, workshops, SSI. with satisfactory stipends. And many of them started their own business in the concerned field. with small investments. In very short time they get settled creating employment opportunities to others.

Institute started trade of Licentiate in radio servicing & Electronics Assembly ,related to Electronics field in 2002.Thus inst. opened doors of vocational tech. education in short period to the frosted students giving them new vision of life, with self respect earning ways. This also helps them to continue their further education upgrade the qualification & improves thinking and living standards.

I would like to take this opportunity to felicitate our honorable Secretary, Mr. P.A. Inamdar having great vision of education for their strict but disciplinary guidance in all respect & for their magnanimous contribution in playing a pivotal role at all stages of Inst. success.

In 2000,we have started one year duration certificate course of garment Manufacturing & Fashion Designing, only for girls. This was very useful & convenient course to Azam campus students as well as house wives for starting their own earnings. Due to huge response to this trade Inst applied for 2nd div. and got approval in 2006, changing the intake of trade from 25 to 50.



Golden JUbilee Technical Institute, Pune