The System Unit: system Board, Microprocessor, Memory, Expansion Slots and Cards, Power supply.

Input and Output: Pointing Devices, scanning Devices, Monitors, Printers.

Secondary Storage: Hard disks, Solid state storage, Optical Disks, Mass Storage Devices.

Communication and Networks: Communications, Connection Devices, Data Transmission, Networks, Network types.

System Software: Operating systems, utilities, Device Drivers.

Application software: word processors, Spreadsheets, Database Management Systems, Presentation Graphics.

Specialized Application software: audio and video, Multimedia, web authoring.

Information Technology and Internet: Information systems, people, software, hardware and Data.

Internet, Web and Electronic Commerce: Internet and Web, Access, Search Tools, Electronic Commerce, Web Utilities.

Eligibility Duration Fees (Rs.)
10 th Pass 6 Months 2,800 /-