Information Technology

Computer Fundamentals

what is Computer? What is Binary No., Basic Block Diagram of Computer, Generation of Computers, Input & Output Devices, HDD, FDD, CD, DVD, Memory Card, Pen Drive, Hardware & Software, Memory.
Microsoft Office 2007 or above

Microsoft Word 2007 - Understanding the Word for Window Screen, Working with Menus, Working with Dialog Box, Typing in Word for Windows, Selecting and Displaying Toolbars, Saving a Document, Previewing a Document Before Printing, Printing a Documents, Recalling and Editing Documents, Operating a Recently used Documents, Viewing the Documents, Creating a T able, Entering Date into Tables, Formatting a Tables, Performing Math with Formulas, Creating Newspaper Columns, Mail Merge, Recording and Playing macros, Correcting Spelling Errors, What is a Web Page, Creating Hyperlinks, Retiving a Graphic Image, Changing the size of a Picture, Adding a Border to a Picture, Creating Text Boxes, Drawing in Word, WordArt Special Effects.

Microsoft Excel 2007 - Spreadsheet, Processors, Workbooks, Using Templates, Types of Data, What is Formula, Arithmetic Operators, Auto Sum Button, Using the Function Wizard. Sorting, Sorting Data in a List, Filtering, Filtering List Using Auto Filter, What is List, Validating Cell Entries, Changing Column Width and Row Heights, Adjusting Row Height, Aligning Worksheet Data, Wrapping and Justifying Text in Cells, Formatting Fonts, Merge Cells, Filling a Cell with a Pattern or Color, Applying Formats Conditionally, Copying Formats Quickly, applying Formats Automatically, Applying a Style, Checking Worksheet Spelling, Hidding and Unhiding Rows and Columns, Protecting a Workbook, Preventing Workbooks from Being Opened or saved, Removing password Protection, What is a Chart, Embedded Charts and Chart Sheets, How to Create a Chart, Scenarios, What you can do with Scenrios, Micros: Automativ Tasks you perform frequently, To Run a Macro.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 - Presentation Graphics, Getting to know PowerPoint, The Auto Content Wizard, The Pick a Look Wizard, The ClipArt Gallery, Creating Presentation using New Option, Editing Presentation, Viewing Titles Only in Outline View, Working with your Presentation in Slide View, Auto Content Wizard, Adding a New Slide, About Animating Text and Objects, Create Animated Slides, Add an Effect to an Animated Object after it Appears, About Adding Music, Sound and Videos, Insert Music or Sound on a Slide, Insert Video on a Slide, Set Option for a Sound or Video to Play during a Slide Show, Add transitions to a Slide Show, Set Timings for a Slide Show, Set Slide Show Timings Manually, Set Timings Automatically while Rehearsing, About Setting and Rehearsing Slide Show Timings.

IT tools, Concept of IT
internet, Multimedia, Networking

Eligibility Duration Fees (Rs.)
10 th Pass 6 Months 3,300 /-