Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Computer Fundamentals

what is Computer? What is Binary No., Basic Block Diagram of Computer, Generation of Computers, Input & Output Devices, HDD, FDD, CD, DVD, Memory Card, Pen Drive, Hardware & Software, Memory.
Microsoft Office 2007 or above

Adobe PageMaker 7 or above - Starting PageMaker, the Work Area,, Viewing the page, Tool Box, Floating Palettes - Control Palette, Colors and styles Palette, Plug-in-Palette, Data Merge Palette, Library Palette, Script Palette, Picture Palette, Template Palette, Opening a Publication, Creating a New Document, Inserting and removing Pages, Using the Text Tool, The Auto flow Text Icon, text Blocks, Importing graphics, Placing graphics, Cropping graphics, Text Wrap, Transformation, Locking Objects, Master Pages, Creating a Master Page, Column Guides, Showing Master Pages, Applying Master Page Design, Using the Table Editor, Creating PDF Files with Acrobat, Grid Manager, The History Editor, Using the Story Editor, Working with layers, The layers Palette, Locking Layers,

Corel Draw 12 or above - Introduction, Toolbox, Drawing window, Property Bar, Fly outs, Standard toolbar,  CorelDraw View, Zooming and Panning, Basic Drawing, Grouping and Ungrouping, Editing Curves with Nodes, editing shapes using nodes, Working with Text, The Text Property Bar, Formatting Text, Advanced Text Work, Working with Layers, Object Locking, Working with Symbol, Outline Tool, Interactive Tool, Distorting Objects, Extruding Objects, Blending Objects, Interactive Envelope, Free Transformation, Working with Images, Color Masking , Page Layout, Layout Styles, Define Page Size, Setting the Page Size, Inserting Pages,

Photoshop 7 or above - How to Launch Photoshop - Toolbox, How to use a filter Browser, How to use Multiple Views, How to Annotate Files with Text and Audio, How to Undo with the History Palette, How to Create Custom Tool Preset, How to Use the Preset Actions,  How to Use the Polygon Lasso Tool, How to Select by Color Range, How to Use Quick Mask,  How to Use the Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tools, How to Sharpen Images, How to Use Blur to Sharpen, How to Convert Image to Grayscale,  How to paint an Image, How to use the History Brush, How to use the Clone Stamp, How to Draw Graphic Shapes, How to build a custom Brush, How to apply Gradients, How to create 3D text, How to Build Filter Text effects, How to wrap Text, How to create and Move Layers, How to add a layer Mask, How to build Web Gallery, How to use blending Modes, How to Build a Glow Effect with Stroke Path, How to create Lighting Effects, How to apply Radial Blur, How to add Texture, How to add a Lens Flare, How to add Noise Texture, How to Simulate Photo Grain, How ti Distort an Image with Liquify, How to create halftone pattern, How to Apply Ripple Effect, how to Brush in Filter Effect

IT tools, Concept of IT

internet, Multimedia, Networking

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10 th Pass 6 Months 3,000 /-