Diploma in computer HW & Networking

The Subjects covered in Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking are as follows.

Fundamentals of Computer Hardware (Theory + Practical)
Basic concepts of Electricity and Electronics, Electronic Components. Elements of Computers: Block diagram of computer, Introduction to Microprocessor, classification, Mother Board and Components, System Resources, CMOS Utility. Add on Cards, Cables and Connectors. Display Systems, Drives: Floppy disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive, Optical Disk Drive, Back up Drive

Networking Essentials and Protocols (Theory + Practical)
Introduction, The OSI Model, LAN Protocols, WAN Protocols, LAN Connectivity Devices, Internetwork Connectivity Devices, TCP/IP Protocol Suite, IP Addressing, Subnetting and Supernetting, TCP/IP Utilities, Installation and Configuration of TCP/IPĀ  Protocol.

Network Operating System Administration (Practical)
Introduction, Installing MS Windows XP Professional. Administering Users and Groups,
Administering Access to Resources, Administering Printers. Monitor, Manage and troubleshoot access to Files and folders, Monitoring Performance and System Events,
Installing MS Windows Server 2003, Disc Management, Administering Disaster Recovery, Installing and Configuring Terminal Services.

Development of Generic Skills (Practical)
Goal Setting, SWOT Analysis of the self, Time Management, Stress Management, Health,
Working in Teams, Market Survey, Seminar Presentation, Listening, Comprehension.

Computer Hardware and Trouble Shooting (Theory + Practical)
Memory, I/O Devices, Installation of System, Power Conditioning Devices, Debugging Desktops and Laptops, Preventive Maintenance and Upgrading, Viruses and Vaccines.

Network Operating system Infrastructure (Theory + Practical)
Installing and Configuring DNS Services, Installing and Configuring DHCP Services, Routing and Remote access, Managing Network Security, Maintaining Network Infrastructure, windows 2003 Active Directory Services, Planning and Implementing ADS Infrastructure,
Planning and Implementing User and Group Strategies, Planning and Implementing Group Policies.

Remote Network Administration (Theory + Practical)
Internetworking, Cisco Three-Layer Model, Assembling and Cabling Cisco Devices, Switching Technologies, IP Routing, VLAN, Managing Traffic with Access Lists.

Eligibility Duration Fees (Rs.)
12 th Science / Commerce / Arts. 12th MCVC. ITI(Electronics, Licentiate in Electronics & Radio Engineering(LERS), Licentiate in Advanced Electronics & Video Engineering (LAEVS) or Equivalent 1 Year (2 Semester-Part time) 18,000 /-