Year 1981, The Muslim Co-operative Bank Ltd. Had completed the milestone of completing 50 glorious years and was celebrating its Golden Jubilee Year. This year was a golden moment for the Muslim Community of achieving a mile high success in the field of Finance and Banking. In the Annual General Meeting of Golden Jubilee year of the Bank, the Board of Directors decides to Invest some part of the profit of the Bank in the welfare and development of members of the Bank through education and the same was

unanimously approved by all the members present in the meeting and the Golden Jubilee Education Trust was established in the same year.

From 1981 to 1985 the 30% profit of the Muslim Co-operative Bank Ltd. Pune, was donated to the G.J.E.T. for its development and the same was kept in fixed deposits. This helped the trust to improve its financial stability and growth.

In 1985 Hon'ble Mr. P.A. Inamdar and his colleagues took charge of the functioning of the trust.Late Mr. Abdul Kader Memon – President, Mr. Mohammed Saheb Shaikh – Vice President and Secretary Mr. P.A. Inamdar were elected on trust and the glorious journey of education and social activities started in its full rhythm.

This was a period of competition with heavy fees structures for technical courses and higher education. The feasibility of the Muslim Community was insufficient for such high education fees structures, hence keeping the same thing in mind the Board of G.J.E.T. decided to start short term courses in nominal fee structure for the needy students having ambition to grow and in the year 1988, the Golden Jubilee Technical Institute was established serving courses recognized by the Government of Maharashtra's District Vocational Education and Examination Centre Mumbai, providing courses like Electric, Wireman, Motor and Armature Winding and Two Wheeler Auto Mechanic.

In the year 1991, The trust purchased a property(Land)at 647, Bhawani Peth, Pune 411042. Late Mr. Haji Kader Memon – President and Mr. P. A. Inamdar - secretary strived hard for the development of this property and with the help of Mr. Iqbal Qureshi – Mehter Community succeeded in developing 4 storeyed building in the year 2000.

The said building id bifurcated as, ground floor and first floor, being utilized by the G.J.E.T. for its educational purpose,. The second and third floor is used for boys hostel and fourth floor is occupied by the Administrative Office of the Muslim Co-operative Bank Limited on rental basis.

From the day ones of the foundation of this trust till date, under the kind support, co-operation, future prediction and detailed experience in the field of education and social field of Mr. P.A. Inamdar , this institute has become a pioneer in the field of vocational technical education entire Maharashtra duly supported with highly qualified technical staff and well established laboratories.